Meet the Spring 2014 Fellows

The CITRIS Invention Lab has selected ten students and teams to form the first group of Invention Fellows.

The Fellows represent a  diverse cross-section of Berkeley students engaged in design and invention. They include undergraduate, masters and PhD students; and they come from a variety of Berkeley’s colleges, including the College of Engineering, the Haas School of Business, the School of Information, and the College of Environmental Design.

The fellows are: Andy Li and Lisa Watanabe (EECS), Timothy Lee (Mechanical Engineering), Olivia Bigazzi and Kristina Hart (MTM), Steven Weddle (MBA), Caroline Wallis (Green Product Design, CED), Norman Bae and team (Bioengineering), Patrick Bennett (Applied Science and Technology), Sachin Rangarajan and Michael Hemati (Master of Translational Medicine), Nick Merrill (iSchool), and Mohamed Moustafa (CEE).

Fellows had to apply with a concrete project they will work on in the lab this semester. Selected projects include a wearable fetal health monitor; a portable weighing pad for doctors; pressure-sensitive wound dressing; hurricane-resistant roof designs; a DNA extractions device; a smart water consumption monitor for shower heads; kinectic sculpture; a portable organizer; a visual synthesizer and new electronic musical instruments.

Fellows receive free lab access for the semester. The ten winners were selected from a pool of more than 40 applicants and will document their work at the end of the semester on the Invention Lab web site.



The CITRIS Invention Lab @ UC Berkeley supports faculty, student and community innovation by providing the knowledge, tools and support to rapidly design and prototype novel interactive products, embedded sensing systems and integrated mobile devices. The new facility will be a vital piece of the CITRIS pipeline running from the minds of researchers through CITRIS laboratories, and into the markets, industries, and streets of the world.

The 1,700 ft2 Invention Lab is located on the first floor of Sutardja Dai Hall at UC Berkeley and supports 3 major functions…

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Membership enrollment for Spring 2014 is OPEN NOW. Access fees are $125 per semester for individuals working on personal projects (payable by check or cash), and $350 per semester for sponsored research (payable by chartstring). We also now offer ‘Group’ memberships. Please visit the membership page for more information.





" Our mission is to usher the best IT and engineering ideas into the real world where they can make a difference for the better. We want to see a strong California economy, but we also want to see the evolution of excellent devices that promote human dignity, make cities work better, restore and strengthen health, preserve the environment, and bring people closer to each other and to the nature of the world they live in. "Paul K. Wright, Director, CITRIS